Nanook and Stella’s first sunrise! I’ve been looking forward to painting this scene for a long time. <3 (As I’ve mentioned before, all of The Last of the Polar Bears is already scripted and storyboarded.)

Page 52 marks the end of the first chapter, but just the beginning of Ursula and her cubs’ journey through the arctic. In Chapter 2, they’ll make the trek to the ice, facing new dangers along the way.

In order to balance my time between a new freelance project, and penciling all of the next chapter, I’ll be taking a break from weekly updates for a while. As always, the best way to be notified of Last of the Polar Bears updates is to join the mailing list (see left sidebar) or subscribe to the RSS feed, or both! Iā€™m also fairly active on DA and Twitter. šŸ™‚

Thanks to all of my wonderful readers. More to come. <3